Reimagining Oratory Skill Development Through Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence.

Communication is the top skill employers look for.

The youth unemployment rate in Canada is 3 times larger than that of adults, and continues to grow. Students lack the crucial soft skills that serve as the new currency in a digital age, inhibiting them from succeeding and growing in their professional careers.

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Using VR and AI, Articulate is solving this problem.

Using VR experiences, users can practice presenting in front of audiences or exercise interview skills in an office setting. Simultaneously, Artificial Intelligence enables the user to get real time audience reactions based on their performance, presentation metrics, and effective feedback.

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How Articulate Is Helping Hundreds of Thousands Of Youth

Environment Simulation

Multiple environments enable users to have a real world opportunity to practice their skills.

Audience Reaction

The user can understand the effectiveness of their presentation through viewing audience engagement.

Slide Deck Integration

Users can use their slide decks and presentation material in the virtual environment.

Performance Metrics

Performance metrics such as filler words, pace and pauses will be quantitatively measured.


The virtual reality application allows users to rewatch their presentation and identify areas for improvement.


Based on the user’s performance, feedback will be provided so they can further improve their presentations.

How Does Articulate Work?

This video showcases how Articulate helps hundreds of thousands of youth improve their oratory skills.

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